Registration Overview

There are four (4) steps you need to follow to register for a Sewickley Lacrosse program:

First - Become a US Lacrosse Member
The league in which we play is under US Lacrosse and all insurances come from this group. To become a member please click on this link

Second - Become an Online Member
This is a new!! When you click below you will be transferred to a new site and from there you can create a new Userid and Password for your family profile. You will use this Userid and Password to access this registration system for all future registrations and to update any changes to your family information. Please keep this Userid and Password handy.  If you have previously registered for another QVRA program (baseball, softball or soccer) on the new site then you can skip this step.

Third - Login to System and Update Family Information
Once you become an Online Member, you will need to login to the system with your Userid and Password. You will then input/update your family contact and player information. Be sure to complete all of this information - especially cell phone and email addresses.  Please be sure to keep this information current.  Some things regularly change - such as your child's grade in school or your volunteer status.

Fourth - Select a Program and Pay
During open registration periods, you will need to select a program and pay to complete the registration process. All registrants are recorded as "Pending" status until the club records your payment. Once payment has been recorded, the registrant status is changed to "Active". Those registrants with a "Pending" status for which payment is not received will be removed from the system and those players will not be included in the rostering process.

Click below to be transferred to the new registration site:

Click here to register