Boys’ Required Items

Stick: There are multiple choices available.  Other than personal preference and cost, the only major variable will be if you play Defense, as opposed to Attack or Midfield, you will need a longer shaft.  Shafts, however, are relatively affordable and interchangeable; therefore, if you do not know which position you want to play, purchase the regular shaft initially. NOTE:  Defensemen are not permitted to use long sticks / shafts until 7th grade. If yuo are in the BEGINNER Sessions you will need an attack/midfield stick.

Helmet (get the right size). Color:  we will not have a team color .  One thought – ask the vendor about a model that can be adjusted as your son grows, avoiding the need to purchase a replacement. 

  • If you attend the Quaker Valley Schools, please note that Black is required for 7th & 8th grade
  • If you attend Sewickley Academy, please note that Red is recommended for 7th & 8th grade but not required.

Gloves (get the right size). If gloves are too big, it will be difficult to handle the stick.

Armpads, Shoulder Pads, Mouthpiece, athletic supporter and cup

Optional Items: Rib/kidney pads, cleats

Girls’ Required Items

Stick: There are multiple choices available.  The only difference is preference and cost.

Goggles: There are numerous types of goggles that differ in color and cost. For this age you do not need the most expensive ones on the market. They are all fine products.


Optional Items: Gloves and cleats