Sewickley Valley Lacrosse (SVLax) was formed to encourage early participation in Lacrosse through age appropriate instruction for boys and girls in grades 1 thru 6.

SVLax's mission is to promote the growth of boys' and girls' lacrosse, to field competitive teams by developing advanced playing skills, game knowledge, confidence, responsible decision making, teamwork, good sportsmanship and to have fun.

Our philosophy is to help our players become the very best they can be, both individually and collectively, through active participation on a competitive team and thorough instruction from an established coaching staff.

Finally, our goal is to enhance the opportunities for our student/athletes to play college lacrosse.



Please Note- All players must be members of US Lacrosse. To become a US Lacrosse member please go to


2018 Spring Schedules:

1st/2nd Grade Boys Clinic

1st/2nd Grade Advanced Boys Rev 2/28

3rd/4th Grade Boys Rev 5/2

5th/6th Grade Boys Rev 5/2

U8 Girls Rev 4/3

U10 Girls Rev 4/4

U12 Girls Rev 4/4

U14 Girls Rev 4/4